AeroShell Grease

AeroShell Grease

AeroShell Grease 5
High temperature lubricant that is waterproof. This is firstly advised for the wheels of airplanes, for the bearings of other equipments as well as for the parts of engines (magneto, generator, starter) which work with high speed, and in high temperature situations.
Specifications and permissions: MIL-G-3545C, DTD.878A, equivalent DCSEA 359/A, NATO Code G-359, Joint Service Designation XG-277

AeroShell Grease 6
Multifunctional aviation lubricant used in bearings and gearboxes.
Specifications and permissions: MIL-PRF-24139A, DEF STAN 91-12, equivalent DCSEA 382/A, NATO Code G-382, Joint Service Designation XG-271

AeroShell Grease 7
Multifunctional synthetic aviation lubricant that is waterproof. It is advisable to use it in toothed gearings, spiral mechanisms and equipments.
Specifications and permissions: MIL-PRF-23827C (type II), equivalent DCSEA 354/A, NATO Code G-354.

AeroShell Grease 15
Silicone lubricant that is used in the bearings being slightly loaded with corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. They work in every temperature situation, especially in the high one (ruling turbine systems).
Specifications and permissions: MIL-G-25013E, DEF STAN 91-55, NATO Code G-372, Joint Service Designation XG-300. Russian equivalent: ВНИИНП 235

AeroShell Grease 16
Partly synthetic multifunctional waterproof lubricant. It is used in bearings that work during high speed (in high speed situations during landing the same lubricant is used in chassis bearings).
Specifications and permissions: MIL-G-25760A, DTD.5579, equivalent AIR 4207/A, NATO Code G-361, Joint Service Designation XG-292, Boeing BMS 3-24A. Russian equivalent: СТ (НК-50).

AeroShell Grease 22
Waterproof multifunctional synthetic hydrocarbonic lubricant with substances. It is advised to use in highly loaded bearings and in the knots having high frequency of rotation.(engine aggregates, ruling systems, electric engines, bearings of the rotors of airplanes, spiral jack-screws, equipments and chassis).
Specifications and permissions: MIL-PRF-81322F (NLGI Grade 2), DOD-G-24508A, DEF STAN 91-52, DCSEA 395/A, NATO Code G-395, Joint Service Designation XG-293. Russian equivalent: ЦИАТИМ-201, 203, ВНИИНП 207, Эра (ВНИИНП 286М), СТ (НК-50).

AeroShell Grease 33MS
Synthetic multifunctional lubricant (mixture of ether and hydrocarbon) with different substances and molybdenum dilsulfide (5%). It is used in highly loaded aggregates (screwing bearnings) and for antifriction bearings.
Specifications and permissioins: MIL-G-21164D, DEF STAN 91-57, equivalent DCSEA 353/A, NATO Code G-353, Joint Service Designation XG-276.

AeroShell Grease 33
Synthetic multifunctional lubricant (mixture of ether and hydrocarbon) especially for different knots and aggregates.
Specifications and permissions: MIL-PRF-23827C (type I), NATO Code G-354, Boeing BMS 3-33A.

AeroShell Grease S.7108
Oil-proof, fuel-proof synthetic lubricant for oil and fuel systems as well as for metal surfaces that rub with rubber.
Specifications and permissions: SAE-AMS-G-6032, equivalent: DEF STAN 91-6, equivalent: DCSEA 363/A, NATO Code G-363, Joint Service Designation equivalent: XG-235. Russian equivalent: ГОСТ 7171-78, класс БУ.